Gastronomy 101: Spanish Food & Wine

The temperate climate of Spain lends itself perfectly to long summer evenings with a glass in hand and a platter of delicious treats at your side. Equally tempting to some, is the raucous nightlife from a bustling Michelin-starred restaurant to small local bar serving aguardiente (firewater) by the shot.

Whatever takes your fancy, Spanish hospitality will have you coming back for more. Spain is melting pot of cultures and customs – some regions are so different to each other that its almost like being in a different country. As such, the cuisine is rich in variety and has much to offer the food-lover.

As to wine, Spain produces everything from local ‘jewels’ to quaffing wine that may just burn a little on the way down. To enjoy the very best that Spain has to offer and avoid any unfortunate wine choices, your best bet is to let us do the hardwork for you and enjoy one of our many tours, packages, itineraries and day experiences all about Spanish food and wine.

Madrid – the culinary capital

Madrid is not only the culinary capital of Spain but arguably Southern Europe with a huge range of restaurants available. With a world class hospitality scene, the city is a melting pot of culinary creativity and experimentation. And the fact that Spain as a whole has more bars per capita than anywhere else in Europe means that you are guaranteed to find a bar stool in Madrid with your name written all over it.

Although Madrid serves food from all over Spain, while there you must try a few famous Madrilenian dishes. These range from the simple bocadillo de calamares – a calamari sandwich with tomato and paprika puree or garlic mayonnaise, to Callo a la Madrilena – a classic stew cooked in a claypot featuring tripe, chorizo and morcilla (blood sausage). Follow one of these up with churros con chocolate and you will be in foodie heaven. The only thing missing is a glass of Albillo white or Garnacha red!

Explore Madrid on one of our short breaks such as Taste of Madrid or Jewels of Madrid and feast your mind body and soul on all this wonderful city has to offer.

To try some of the region’s wines and explore a fascinating city, why not try our Imperial Toledo & Wine Tour day experience? After exploring the UNESCO World Heritage Toledo, you will enjoy a wonderful wine tasting at Bargas Finca Loranque before returning to Madrid.

Barcelona – the ultimate foodie experience

Bustling Barcelona is a thriving cosmopolitan city with a sensational array of foodie experiences. Barcelona has a proud Catalan food heritage and boasts many famous dishes featuring seafood, pork, tomato, garlic, eggplant, capsicum and mushroom. And of course, like a lot of Spain, Barcelona has many wonderful tapas bars where you can enjoy numerous bite-sized portions of delicious Spanish fare as you enjoy your wine. To make the most of the amazing array on offer,  book a private Walking Tapas Tour Dinner with a local taking you to lesser-known cultural delights as well as many bars, taverns and even entire neighbourhoods that specialise in tapas.

We also offer a private Taverns and Markets Tour including drinks in three of the stops and a private Ham, Cheese and Wine TastingCatalonia is the largest producer of pork in Spain and there are many great places to try jamón but the real meat epicureans out there should try our independent Spanish Ham Experience, visiting the new centre at the heart of La Rambla dedicated to ham – a museum and tasting experience all in one.

For those wanting to try their hand at cooking, why not take a Spanish Cooking Lesson where you will learn to cook paella, different tapas and a dessert, under the tutelage of a chef? Then all there is left to do is to Live like a Local with an independent tour to some local taverns to finish off the night.

For something a bit further a field, try the Torres Wine Cellars, Montserrat & Sitges day trip, exploring world famous wine cellars and then tasting local monk-brewed liqueur at the base of the Montserrat Mountains. In seaside Sitges, there is also the option to make your very own cocktail at Bacardi House.

Both the Taste of Barcelona and Jewels of Barcelona multiday packages also involve a visit to the monastery at Montserrat Mountains to try the local liqueur and you can incorporate one of these activities into these wider itineraries.

Basque – food as individual as the region

San Sebastian and Bilbao are the best places in Basque to have the five star restaurant experiences. San Sebastian in particular, now a famous retreat for the rich and famous, has many celebrity chef-run restaurants and even a Michelin-starred eatery. It also has a delicious pintxos on offer, the Basque form of tapas.

Basque food features meat and fish grilled over hot coals, paprikas, fish stews and sheep’s cheese. On both the Taste of San Sebastian and Basque Country Highlights enjoy delicious pintxos, refined restaurants and the famous cider and txakoli (sparkling wine).

Southern Spain – put some pep in your step

Southern Spain is famous for its emphasis on pepper with spicy cured meats, air-dried hams, paella almost roasted over log fires and Iberian ham. The pigs of Iberico graze on acorns through the forestland giving the jamón a distinct nutty flavour. Keeping with the nutty theme, turron is a delicious local nougat of almond and honey with its origins stretching back to Spain’s Moor occupation.

In Granada, Live like a Local on a tapas walking tour to discover local bars and taverns specialising in both traditional and new flavours and beverages. In Seville enjoy a private Wine Tasting with the assistance of an English-speaking guide. Some of the wines on tasting are more than 30 years old and are considered local jewels. Either of these sightseeing activities can be incorporated into short break itineraries in Seville or Granada.

The Douro – connecting Portugal & Spain

Hop over the border to Portugal to continue the foodie experience. The Douro is a charming stretch of countryside punctuated by terraced vineyards and picture-perfect villages nestled beneath hills. This calm and beautiful part of the world combines the very best of Spanish and Portuguese culinary heritage to create its very own flavour with delicacies such as roasted baby goat with potatoes; wild board stew; and grilled partridge on a skewer.

The Douro is also famous for its delicious desserts – despite the many walking tracks on offer, don’t expect to lose weight here! A delicately flavoured rice pudding and vermicelli with cinnamon are among the most common throughout the region. For a quick snack, traditional bread made with meat or olive oil is worth a try.

From Porto, you can enjoy a coach day tour inland for the Douro Valley Wine Tour visiting three different wine estates to taste four different types of Portuguese wines (including Port and green wine) and enjoy a traditional Portuguese lunch.

For something completely different, enjoy a river cruise over seven nights up the Douro river. Portraits of The Douro encompasses day tours, wine tastings and many delicious Portuguese meals as well as beautiful scenery and comfortable accommodation on board.

If you are interested in any of these food adventures or want to craft your very own tailor-made gastronomical tour through Spain and Portugal, contact one of our agents today.


Retreats for the Mind, Body & Soul

Are you feeling a bit at the end of your tether? The current trend for mindfulness, with numerous apps, programs and colouring books, is telling of the busy, sometimes hectic lives that we now lead. But despite all these mindfulness tools, sometimes you just can’t quite get into the swing of it – everyday life is always there to distract you. The only real solution is to get away from it all, retreat to a place of sanctuary.

And luckily, we can help you with that. We offer a number of retreats throughout India, Nepal and Sri Lanka specifically designed for you to recharge your batteries and learn the tools for implementing more balance in your everyday life.

Yoga retreats in India

India is known the world over for its deep spirituality, entwined with the country’s culture. It is also the birthplace of yoga, a spiritual, mental and physical practice that has been well and truly embraced by the western world. As such, there’s no better place to try a yoga retreat! Set in beautiful natural surrounds, these retreats range from four to right days long but all are under the tutelage of expert teachers.

Ashiyana – The Yoga Retreat

The yoga retreat at Ashiyana is a great place to go to recharge your batteries over a week’s time. Spanning for eight days, the Ayurveda Virechan Detox Retreat includes a complete therapy programme with massage, sweat therapy and yoga along with one-on-one consultations. Set in the unspoilt Mandrem Beach, the retreat allows you the breathing space you have been craving!

Somatheeram Ayurveda Resort

Again over eight days, enjoy the 15 acres of verdant greenery of Somatheeram retreat. Your stay includes a fully comprehensive and personalised wellness program and consultations by experts who have provided treatment in the traditional way for over 30 years. This retreat combines beach resort with mindfulness and yoga, with accommodation in quaint bungalows and cottages set back from the tranquil blue waters of the sea nearby.

Kairali Ayurveda & Yoga Regeneration

A shorter stay, this vegetarian retreat takes place at Kairali Ayurvedic Healing Village over four days. Set in 50 acres of lush palm trees and greenery, daily yoga and meditation sessions are offered while all treatments are carried out under the guidance of Ayurvedic doctors. A seven or fourteen night option is also available upon request.

Yoga at foothills of Everest

Namo Buddha Yoga Retreat

Nestled in the hills of the Kathmandu valley, this Nepalese yoga retreat not only allows you three days of relaxation but teaches you mindfulness practices to employ is your every day life. The retreat combines expert yoga instruction, relaxation in nature and delicious healthy food while allowing you the comfort of a hotel stay.

Your life perspectives may  be challenged during the indepth talks and encouraged discussions around mindfulness and implementing wellness principles into your everyday life.

Holistic Wellness in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a country that alights all the senses with beautiful sights, sounds, smells, scents and textures. Ranging from programmes offering revitalisation to specific therapies, we offer a number of Ayurveda itineraries featuring authentic treatments all year round.

Heritance Maha Gedara Rejuvenation

Over a week enjoy a personalised Ayuveda Ayuboawn Rejuvenation programme in a homely and friendly atmosphere. Yoga and meditation classes run regularly, with the main aim of the retreat being your total relaxation of body and mind. The program is a Panchakarma based program with detoxification and regeneration at its core. Herbal medicines are used to increase your body energy while Pinda Sweda  will improve flexibility and stamina.

Santani Luxury Wellness Resort

Enjoy a customised Santani Wellness Package over four days in a brand new boutique resort nestled in the mountains of Sri Lanka. Offering a complete program to ensure maximum harmony between your diet and nutrition, physical activity, interaction with other people and ultimately with yourself. Every program is personalised based on the individual’s body composition, current lifestyle, stress, emotional state and future goals both physically and spiritually. You have the choice to select the programme from five different categories of treatment: Healthy Lifestyle, Detox, Stress &Burnout, Yoga or Ayurveda.

Lastly, any program at this resort will equip you with a personalised program for post-Santani day-to-day life.

Jetwing Ayurveda Pavilions

Situated in the tranquil area near the seaside town of Negombo, this calming resort is the perfect place for people looking for a holistic approach to their wellness. Employing ancient treatments, professionals and doctors within the hotel will ensure to all your needs. The hotel was designed by celebrated architect Anura Ratnavibhushana and each villa comes with a secluded private garden. Treatments are tailored to your needs, with options including for weight reduction, stress relief and improvement of the digestive system.

Your wellness journey is just a call away – contact us to organise your break from reality and improve your work/ life balance today!


Gastronomy 101: Spices of Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan cuisine is exciting, interesting and varied, being heavily influenced by many different flavours. Always an important port for British and Dutch colonialists, Sri Lanka has known many foreign traders, bringing with them spices and techniques that have been integrated into local cuisine.

Fragrantly spiced dishes abound with fresh flavours to balance out the pungent spices. If you are looking for a foodie escape that combines local home-cookery with restaurant quality meals, look no further than one of our Sri Lankan food experiences.

Traditional cuisine with local flare

Typically Sri Lankan cuisine heavily features rice, coconut and spices. Curries predominate, made with fish, beef, chicken or mutton accompanied by lentils, vegetables or fruit. Dishes are usually served with pickled fruit or vegetables, and sambols such as coconut sambol (coconut, chili, dried fish & lime juice). Many dishes are also accompanied by roti, wheat flatbread.

Our Sri Lanka for Foodies tour is the ultimate food adventure over 12 days, taking you from markets to the kitchen to amazing natural sites of the island. In Negombo, you will explore the fish market on a guided tour and select your lunch – to be cooked by you in a Sri Lankan home cookery lesson. Dambulla will allow you a peek into traditional village life, with lunch flavours inspired by Chena or rotational cropping.

In Matale you will visit a spice garden where you can learn of Sri Lanka’s important place in the world as a purveyor of fine spices. Kandy you will enjoy another home cookery demonstration and then feast of a typical menu including fish, prawns, lentils, vegetables, curried, sambols and rice. Nuwara Eliya you can indulge in the English tradition of High Tea, set amongst the beautiful mountains and tea plantations. Finally the tour will take you to Colombo, the Sri Lankan street food capital where you will enjoy a walking tour and sample many delicacies along the way.

Short Gastronomy Experiences

For those who don’t have the time for the extended food tour, we also offer a number of shorter foodie experiences, ranging from four hours to three days.

From Colombo you can enjoy a Cooking by Colours lesson and feast or a Mirissa Lagoon Fishing Experience. Relax on a sunset cruise on Mirissa Langoon and Mangrove Sanctuary where you can fish for your dinner. Return to shore and enjoy a beachside BBQ featuring your freshly caught seafood and delicious accompaniments.

For the tea lovers among us, we also offer a three day Kandy Tea for Two experience including a visit to the elephant orphanage. During this tour you will not only pet baby elephants, but you will learn all about the process of tea manufacture, as well as how tea is graded then distributed. And you will drink many different types of tea of course!

Galle Fort Culinary Tour lasts for two days and includes a wonderful tour of the Galle Fort, built in 1588 by the Portuguese and now so much more than just a fort. Many of the properties inside the fort are full of delicious aromas of spices and cooking meals and it is a wonderful place to let yourself be swept up in the colourful history. You will purchase ingredients at the Galle market and then in Sonja’s Cooking Class learn about spices and Sri Lankan cooking techniques. Then all that is left to do will be to enjoy your mouthwatering creations!

Explore the flavours of Sri Lanka by contacting one of our agents today.

Wellness and Spa Holidays

So much about travel is opening our eyes to new cultures and experiences. In all our high aspirations for it though, sometimes we forget that one of the most important things about a holiday is relaxing, taking a breather from everyday life. Discovering new things on overseas adventures can be exciting, thrilling and interesting but it can also be exhausting.

So how about having one with the other? Adventure followed up with a spell in a relaxing spa are a marriage of the two best things of a holiday – discovery and relaxation. But where in the world can you have these relaxing spa experiences?


India is ripe for discovery with incredible sights everywhere you turn. But when you need a break from the hustle and bustle, retreating to Ananda Himalaya Spa for a six day break provides you with all the breathing space for self rejuvenation. Including a comprehensive personalised wellness programme & consultations, Ananda is an award-winning luxury destination spa in the Himalayan foothills in Northern India. The retreat combines spiritual practices like yoga, Vedanta and Ayurveda with physical wellness programmes of fitness and healthy organic food to restore balance to your life and to harmonise your energy. It is in stunning peaceful surrounds, set amongst the Sal forest and overlooking the spiritual town of Rishikesh and the Ganges river valley.

Greek Islands

The Greek Islands are an idyllic place for a holiday, combining beaches, interesting history & culture, delicious food & wine, stunning scenery and luxury accommodation. Many of the islands are the product of volcanic activity and so the mineral waters have been known to have healing properties. What better place to indulge in a spa holiday?

On one of our island hopping packages, take in the beautiful islands of Mykonos and Santorini, both with the iconic whitewashed buildings topped with Greek blue. On Mykonos, we offer accommodation at Myconian Imperial Resort & Spa (among others). This luxurious property has modern rooms with balconies overlooking a private beach with three pools, three bars, a fine-dining restaurant and a wonderful spa & wellness centre.

Santorini is home to healing bright orange mud, found in the caldera of the once devastating volcano. While on the island, there are number of spa hotels to choose from including the Pegasus Suites & Spa Hotel and the Aressana Spa Hotel. Pegasus suites are set amongst the cliff tops and meld quite seamlessly into the unique scenery, integrating the caves and volcanic rock into its grounds. Aressana is centrally located in Fira and includes a fully equipped spa, fitness centre, well-known restaurant and a sun terrace.

Rhodes and Crete are two of the bigger islands owned by Greece and are large enough to spend a few days on, sightseeing and relaxing in your spa hotel, or integrate into a wider itinerary. On Rhodes, enjoy Rodos Park Suites & Spa located opposite the walls of the Old Town and featuring a wellness spa. Plus, the beach is only 800m away.

Crete has many hotels to choose from but one of the best spa hotels in Albatros Spa & Resort Hotel, perched on the beach with balcony rooms and a fully equipped wellness centre


Croatia is the new destination for a beachside holiday. The thin county has an astounding number beautiful nature considering its small size, including the green blue lakes of Plitvice National Park and the many well preserved old towns that hug the coastline such as Split and Dubrovnik.

Opatija is also one of these coastal towns and was once the fashionable seaside resort for the Viennese elite during the days of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. With spectacular scenery and temperate weather year round, the town is still home to many ornate Austrian villas and grand spa hotels. The town sprawls along the coast between forested hills and the blue Adriatic, and the whole waterfront is connected by a 12 km long promenade featuring numerous statues and fountains, as well as some excellent restaurants and cafes, and in particular, the close by village of Volosko, well known for its excellent seafood restaurants. You can enjoy a spa treatment at one of the famous hotels during your stay here on the Zagreb to Split itinerary.


Maldives_spaThe Maldives resorts are luxury personified, with exclusive resorts situated on turquoise waters that are so perfectly photogenic it is difficult to believe they are real! There are many spa hotels & resorts to choose from on the group of islands from specific treatment centres to incredible five star experiences. Anantara Dhigu Resort & Spa is situated on Dhigufinolhu Island and designed to cater for families. Only minutes by speedboat from the airport, the resort is set on a lagoon and features a range of poolside, beachside and overwater villas. Facilities at this family-friendly hotel include four restaurants, an infinity pool, luxury spa, tennis courts, a gym, kids’ club, surf school and water sports centre.

For a luxury romantic escape, Taj Exotic Resort & Spa is perched amongst lush tropical greenery, encircled by one of the largest lagoons in the Maldives. The spa offers an array of treatments, taking advantage of the serene lagoon location. There are also many fine dining and entertainment experiences on offer.

Hungary & Czech Republic

Hungary and Czech Republic have many decadent Art Nouveau style spas still in operation, where you can enjoy the thermal springs in Austro-Hungarian splendour. Karlovy Vary is a picturesque spa town visited on the Essential Czech Republic itinerary and boasts healing springs that have attracted noble visitors for centuries. You can enjoy a private tour of the area, bathe and sample the medicinal waters from one of the springs.

Budapest has 15 public thermal baths, many in beautiful buildings with both private and public areas. Restorative bathing in this area stretches back to Roman times but it was only during the Turkish occupation of Hungary that the baths really began to be an industry of their own. Since 1934 Budapest has been declared the City of Spas with 118 springs providing the medicinal waters. These baths can be experienced on the Taste of Budapest or Art Nouveau & Spas short breaks.


For years Switzerland has been a retreat for the rich and famous, with many incredible experiences of offer. Taste of St Moritz enables anyone to experience the iconic spa town, once so exclusive. The mountain resort town is the perfect holiday destination: a winter wonderland for half of the year or with verdant greenery of alpine wilderness in the summertime. Home to Switzerland’s only national park, visitors can experience hiking, horse riding, sailing or mountain biking – and even a spot of summer skiing on the upper slopes of the Corvatsch. After all this strenuous outdoor activity, nothing beats a few hours relaxing in one of the large spa facilities, with a range of thermal springs to ease your sore muscles into.

Contact us today to organise your spa retreat!

Gastronomy 101: Food & Wine of the Greek Islands

There’s nothing quite like feeling the salty seabreeze on your face as you tuck into some delicious seafood. You can’t help but think, ‘Can it get any fresher than this?’ Add to that a glass of chilled crisp white wine, a salad of fresh tomatoes, cucumber, olives & fetta and you have a match made in heaven.

The Greek Islands are idyllic not just in natural beauty – they are a veritable paradise – but in the slow-paced nature of island life. Travelling in this kind of environment encourages you to slow down and appreciate simple flavours, whether that be the aniseed kick of ouzo or the tender deliciousness of crispy fried calamari.

The best way to see the Greek Islands is by boat, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the time to explore what the land has to offer too. Although not known for its wine on a world stage, the Greeks have been making wine for centuries and well beyond just Retsina and Domestica. With the volcanic soil on many of the islands, the wine making techniques are unique, creating very individual wines the likes of which you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

All of the day tours and activities listed below can be incorporated into a ready-made or tailor-made island hopping itinerary.


Santorini, with beautiful Oia and incredible sunsets, is an absolute must for any first timer to the islands. Not only is it home to beautiful sights and some incredible archaeological finds, it is also home to many wineries. With the volcanic soil being so hard to grow in, many vines are actually grown out of pots! After the 1956 earthquake on the island, the industry suffered hugely and was kept afloat by forming the Santo Wine Co-Operative. Today, they process 65% of the vines on the island and so are a great place to stop in for a wine tasting. The Santorini Wine Adventure will have you trying 12 of these different volcanic wines accompanied by local cheese, salami and olives.

For something a little more, our Santorini Cooking Class and Wine Tasting is a great way to learn about local cuisine and how to match it with local wines. Although many of the grapes are now processed by machines, at some select vineyards vinsanto, the sweet wine of Santorini, is still made by the traditional method of stamping on the grapes!

As well as calamari mentioned above, common seafood you’ll find around the Cyclades includes barbounia (red mullet), astakos (lobster) and marides (whitebait). Learn six traditional Santorinian recipes with our small group Cooking Class using local organic produce while tasting local wines.


With sweeping beaches, old windmills, winding cobblestone alleys among white washed buildings with blue trim, Mykonos is known for its wild nightlife yet equally low-key village life in daylight hours. The rugged island is also home to some delicious culinary traditions that you can discover on the Wine & Culture walking tour. This tour guides participants to local historical spots, teaches you about the folklore of the island, takes you to a nautical museum documenting Mykonos’ long seafaring history and afterwards lets you enjoy a wine tasting accompanied by traditional mezes.

Meze is a small snack sized bite of delicious local fare and can include dolmades (vine leaves stuffed with mince and/or herby rice), melitzana (eggplant – fried or as a dip with tomato & onion), gigantes (giant butter beans in tomato sauce), saganaki, briam (eggplants, zucchinis, capsicum & tomatoes) and much more.


The biggest of the Cyclades Islands, Naxos was once centre of island life. Upon arrival in the port town, you can’t help but notice the Apollon Gate, thrust out to sea on an island head, harking back to Naxos’ rich history. The namesake town is full of white-washed houses and Venetian mansions, with a medieval castle, Kastro, at the top of the hill acting today as an archaeological museum.

Being such a big island, Naxos is an island of agriculture and they grow many citrus trees, as well as grazing sheep and goats. On the Naxos Yesterday and Today tour, discover the foundations of Naxos, visiting a ceramics workshop, a Byzantine church and a citrus distillery, where you can taste locally crafted creations. To try some delicious local fare, enjoy our Riverwalk coach day trip, following the longest river in Naxos past an old monastery, nine watermills and finishing off with a traditional Greek meal in Engares.


A little off the tourist path, Koufonisia, meaning hollow islands, are three small islands that look from afar as though they are entirely made up of caves. In reality, they are a charming stop off, often known as the Mykonos of the Small Cyclades with superb beaches and a lovely array of restaurants that maintain their low-key charm and serve traditional Greek fare.


crete_restaurant_gastronomyCrete is Greece’s largest island, with an interesting history and resulting culture. It has the best of both worlds with nature, from rugged mountains to pristine beaches and is surrounded by turquoise waters. With Minoan archaeological sites muddled in next to Venetian-style town houses and quaint villages, Crete has something for every traveller – and we haven’t even mentioned the cuisine!

Almost every village in Crete seems to have its own signature cheese. Graviera is a hard cheese that is sweet when young and then becomes nutty and flavourful as it ages. By contrast pichtogalo Chanion is a softer creamier cheese, as is myzithra, a young whey cheese with a mild taste. To drink, everywhere around Crete locals brew their own raki over open fires in copper stills. This is a type of brandy distilled from grapes and is served with mezes, olives or even neat.

Try some of the delicious foods and wines of Crete on the Garden of Crete independent tour – a full day tour of food, wine, Minoan archaeology and even the chance to try creating come pottery yourself under the tutelage of a master potter.

Tastes of Crete features instruction from a local cook in a rustic 18th century farmhouse surrounded by organic gardens. Participate in wine and cheese tastings before enjoying a delicious meal matched with Cretan wines.

A popular daytrip off Crete is to visit the tiny islet of Spinalonga. Once home to a leper colony, the islet was orginally a fortress of Venetian Crete and on The Island – Spinalonga BBQ independent tour you can enjoy a beachside BBQ as you explore the island.

For a more complete Crete itinerary, have a look at one of our Crete Self Drive packages where we can incorporate one of these day tours.

“But how do I get from one island to the next?”

Well, the easiest way to see all of these magical places and enjoy the delicious flavours of the Greek Islands is to let us organise an Island Hopping Package for you. The packages include your accommodation, some meals, return airport and port transfers, fast ferry tickets and flights (where specified). Trips that encompass some or all of the above islands include Cycladic AdventureGreek Island Explorer; Island Delightsor any other route we will tailor-make just for you.

For a full Greece itinerary, check out our Land & Island Packages encompassing classical mainland Greece as well as some of the most famous and beautiful islands. Or how about going for the full holiday experience and book yourself into one of our many Cruises to experience the islands in relaxed style? Delectable meals feature on the menu with many organised day trips to wineries, markets and local restaurants ashore to ensure you get to experience all the flavours of the Greek Islands.

Are you ready for your gastronomical tour of the Greek Islands? Contact us today about one of the itineraries outlined above or we can tailor-make your perfect foodie experience, featuring the best culinary experiences that the Islands have to offer!

Gastronomy 101: French Food

France is the country of romance, wine and cheese – and we can help you with at least two of these things! No, we’re not offering a match-making service but rather the chance to experience the very best wine, cheese and other classic French cuisine that the country of love has to offer.

Each region of France has a proud gastronomie heritage, producing locally made bread, cheese, wine, cured meats: the list goes on. And so it follows that one of the best ways to understand France is through its food.

In the south were food is cooked in light olive oil, flavours are simple and bread is light, it is said that people are more relaxed and laid-back. Whereas in the north, where food is cooked in rich butter, strong flavours dominate and the bread is thick & grainy, people are supposedly more loquacious, quick to laugh and share a tale.

Whether this proves true or not, the food and wine of France is deeply part of the culture and locals are exceptionally proud of their food heritage. On any of the below mentioned itineraries, you will see the passion and love that goes into creating such delicious food by interacting with local farmers, vignerons, sommeliers and chefs.

Your French Kitchen

Paris MarketA trip to Paris is incomplete without wandering around the beautiful markets. Awash with gleaming vegetables, the scent of spice wafting through the air, and the raucous cries of hawking stall-holders, allow yourself to be absorbed in market life on our French Market Tour and Class. After your tour of the market, you will return to the classroom kitchen, fresh produce in hand, to prepare a delicious seasonal meal, under the guidance of a professional chef.

Speaking of cooking, the notoriously difficult to create French delicacy of macarons can be conquered by you after a two or three hour French Macaron Class. The three hour intensive is ideal for those who want to perfect these elegant, colourful pastries.

Tastebud explosion

If you prefer to eat over cook, the Bellies on Foot day tour is for you. Taking you through the winding streets of old Paris, you will visit the very foundations of the French culinary scene, collecting produce along the way. Then with fresh bread, charcuterie, fromage, froie gras and sweets in hand, it’s time to sit back and relax with a glass in hand, to enjoy your treasure trove of produce.

Patisserie_Paris_Food_Wine_ToursFor all those sweet-tooths out there, it’s hard to look further than the patisseries of Paris when you think of heaven.  Handmade chocolates, intricately decorated tarts, wafer thin pastries that melt on your mouth – the Marais is is home to all of this and more. Over two hours, enjoy wandering the streets of this hip part of Paris on the Let Them Eat Cake tour and sample all the delicious treats on offer.

Incorporate one of these fantastic foodie experiences into your Paris short break, such as a Taste of Paris or Parisian Classics, to really explore the city of lights.

Beyond Paris, there is so much delicious regional food and wine to discover on many of our itineraries. On the Normandy, Brittany and The Loire Valley small group tour, see chateaux, battle-scarred landscapes of France’s northern shores, centuries old villages and hilltop monasteries as you eat and drink your way through the region. Sample Calvaldos (cider) in Normandy, wine in the Loire and cheese in Brittany, with delicious restaurant dinners along the way.

Alternatively, we also offer three different Chateaux & Wines small group day tours out of the Loire Valley, that can be incorporated into a wider itinerary.

See our in-depth Gastronomy 101: French Wines for tours, itineraries and packages focusing on le vin de la belle France.

If you are interested in any of these food adventures or want to craft your very own tailor-made gastronomical tour of France, contact one of our agents today.