5 Picturesque Towns in Switzerland You Must Visit

Beyond the chocolate, yodelling and swiss cheese, Switzerland’s landscapes and scenery will really have your heart racing as you realise, it’s the country where your fairy-tale dreams are made of.Cultured, stunning alpine peaks, endless hiking options, riverside picturesque chalets and a combination of traditional and contemporary architecture. It’s a destination that any type of traveller can enjoy.

Here are the top 5 towns we recommend visiting when heading to Switzerland.


This quintessential alpine village sits between glacial-encrusted valleys that nestles quirky chalet-style houses and the best traffic jams caused by cows with bells. It may seem like a small quiet town but there’s a lot to do from even the most relaxed traveller to the adrenaline-seeker.

As you arrive in Lauterbrunnen, you’ll be welcomed by Europe’s highest free-falling waterfall that looks over the entire village, Stabbauch Falls. If hiking is in your itinerary, there’s a route leading behind the waterfall which may get you wet, but is actually quite refreshing after a good walk.

Lauterbrunnen is also the perfect place to catch a train from if you want to head up to Jungfraujoch, the highest peak of Europe. You’ll want to sit window side as you go past stunning scenery of clear lakes and alpine meadows that takes you closer to the snowy peaks.

If you’d like to get even higher than Jungfraujoch, skydiving is another option.

Lauterbrunnen with a view of Stabbauch Falls


If you’re a lover of the Jazz music, historic beautiful castles, wine and chocolate, Montreux is the town for you.

This resort town sits on the banks of Lake Geneva and is the perfect balance for a holiday that seeks culture, adventure and serene. Montreux also holds the second largest annual Jazz festival in the world, usually held end of June to mid July, which music lovers can enjoy.

If music is not really your scene then go back in time and head to the impressive castle, Château de Chillon. It’s a staple point of Montreux that overlooks a panorama of the Swiss mountains and Lake Geneva.

Castle Chillon in Montreux


Multicultural, arts, impressive architecture, galleries, museums are just some of what Basel is known for. This town is truly a dream come true for art lovers. It’s nestled along the iconic Rhine river and is Switzerland’s third-largest town. It’s close to France and Germany too so if those two countries are in your list to visit then stopping by Basel is a must.

Basel is also blessed with 300 days of sunshine every year so even if you’re visiting during shoulder seasons, expect to still get a bit of sun.

The most exciting part about Basel is how the town celebrates Christmas. White snowy Christmas, markets lined with fairy lights and festive decorations, it’s truly a magical shopping experience and definitely not to be missed!

Stein Am Rhein 

When you think of fairy-tale towns, Stein Am Rhein should come to mind. And if you haven’t visited this picturesque quaint village, you’ll soon find out why you should.  

This town is one of the best-preserved medieval towns in Switzerland where timber-built architecture, beautifully painted facades and ancient street plan style are still alive and well to this day. With only 3,000 population, cobble-stone streets with original pastel coloured and baroque style buildings, it truly is one of the most charming towns in Switzerland. Aside from its beauty, there’s so much to do from visiting museums, relaxing by the Rhine river or just admire the paintings along the walls of the buildings. If you want to escape from reality, this is the place to be. 

Christmas in Basele st


 One of Switzerland’s most underrated village is the hillside town, Epesses. It’s perfectly placed in the heart of the Lavaux UNESCO region and blends stunningly with the vines while having views of the Alps. With its narrow streets and balconies looking over Lake Geneva, Eppesses is a stop to experience a much more relaxed and quieter holiday while taking in the amazing scenic views.