Belgium & The Netherlands

Belgium and the Netherlands encompass all the best that Europe has to offer: history and heritage, culture and colour, food and fun. Read more...

Ancient squares, paved terraces, picture-perfect cities and meandering waterways. Landscapes of windmills, tulips and boatloads of history – we bet you a beer that this region will exceed your expectations!  Plus, Belgium is the world capital of beer, so there’s plenty of sipping potential.

Belgium has cities to equal any in Europe, which are often far less crowded than its more popular neighbours, making it very easy to enjoy all the history and culture Belgium has offer. There are castles, galleries and museums aplenty, but it is the cuisine scene that surprises newcomers. Waffles, chocolate and moules frites (mussels and fries) can all be washed down with what is perhaps the country’s best-known product, beer – there are more varieties produced here than anywhere else on the planet.

There’s always something happening in the capital Brussels, which is also the capital of the EU. The city boasts the Grand Place, one of the most spectacular town squares in Europe. Wander cobblestone streets looking for the famous Manneken Pis statue while trying to resist the restaurants with their fresh seafood displays. Bruges is an impressive medieval city, now UNESCO World Heritage listed. Relax on a canal boat and explore its waterways. Elsewhere in Belgium ­– Flanders and Ypres – are important battle sites where Australian and New Zealand soldiers lost their lives in World War I. These days, visitors can travel to solemn, moving memorials to pay their respects.

It’s little wonder the Dutch masters were so inspired to paint Holland’s right landscape! This is a legendary land of tulips and windmills, casual dunes, Michelin starred cuisine – the Netherlands is quite simply a master piece.

Rated among the world’s three richest countries, Luxembourg’s capital has a fairytale quality to its UNESCO-listed historic core, dramatically perched on a cliff top. Beyond, are rolling hills and a string of beguiling villages huddled beneath medieval castles. For a little country, it is big on surprises!


  • Visit Brussels, sit down in Mokafe (located in the beautiful Galeries Royales St-Hubert) and eat a real Brussels waffle.
  • Dine at Maximiliaan van Oostenrijk in Bruges, an old farm house decorated in a traditional Flemish style where to enjoy good food at very reasonable prices.
  • Amsterdam is one of the top cycling cities in the world, so the best way to move around and visit sights in the city is by cycling. You will be able to see more and blend in with the locals.
  • You should also try some high-end street food at the Foodhallen indoor food market in Amsterdam, in the art, culture and fashion complex of De Hallen.