Few places on earth capture the imagination of both young and old the way Egypt does with its parched desert landscape dissected by its one eternal river. Read more...

It’s time to tick some items off your travel bucket list. See the riches of Tutankhamun’s tomb in the Egyptian museum, travel to the pyramids of Giza and cruise the Nile. Egypt is a country of great diversity, from its stunning landscapes and ancient history to the vibrant culture of its cities. In between visiting monuments you’ve looked at in books your entire life, venture into the desert or chill out on a gorgeous beach.

Fascinating Cairo is the epitome of chaotic charm. Historic sites can be seen from everywhere in the city, and shopping for handicrafts is an experience in itself at the famous Khan El Khalili Bazaar.

Alexandria, the country’s second largest city, was named after its founder, Alexander the Great, who came here in 332BC. Visit one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the Lighthouse of Alexandria, and delve into the Great Library, where ancient knowledge is archived.

Once the capital of Egypt, Luxor is still home to an enormous range of archeological sites. Nearby is the Valley of the Kings, with its tombs of the country’s greatest pharaohs.


  • Discover the history of ancient Egypt during the sound and light show at Karnak Temple.
  • Visit El Alamein, the site of one of the most significant confrontations during World War II, and now home to the fascinating Military Museum.
  • Take a hot-air balloon flight over Luxor and enjoy amazing views of tombs, temples and villages.
  • Climb Mount Sinai to the sixth-century St Catherine’s Monastery.
  • Experience the majesty of Egypt sailing on a traditional dahabeya down the Nile.