Savannah landscapes, lush forests and soaring mountains, Kenya provides the perfect window into the unique tension of wild nature vs. modern society in Africa. Read more...

Golden light flooding across grassy plains; a lion stalking a kill; chimpanzees screeching in dense forests; palm trees swaying in the sea breeze – Kenya is everything you imagine when you think ‘Africa’. The best place to see game in all its natural glory and surrounded by nature as diverse as sandy beaches to snow capped peaks, a safari tour in Kenya captures the colourful and enriching essence of this vast continent.

Kenya is dominated by national parks and game reserves, and thanks to the most innovative and relentless conservation teams in Africa, has an abundance of wildlife, rivalled only by Tanzania. From the undulating hills of the Tsavo National Park with red elephants wandering; to the great dent in the earth that is the foliaged Great Rift Valley; and the open plains of Masai Mara Reserve, adventure is around every corner.

Visit the pink lake of Nakuru full of flamingos; the stunning Aberdares Mountain Range with its lush vegetation, crater lakes and looming craggy mountains; and, take a boat out on one of the Great Rift Valley lakes. Taste Kenyan staples and delicacies alike with tailored menus featuring spicy stews with hearty and heavy irio, ugali and pilau. Tour through small towns with handmade crafts to admire and drive through Kenya’s furtile highlands.

From the palm-fringed Indian Ocean, with tranquil islands and sleepy coastal villages, to the thrill of the wild in the large game reserves, Kenya opens up your eyes to the wonders of this ancient continent.  

Highlights of Kenya

  • Marvel at the pink waters of Lake Nakuru with prolific birdlife, home to the Rothschild giraffe and rhinos
  • Visit the breathtaking Samburu Game Reserve, the remote Northern frontier of Kenya with jagged mountains and desert terrain
  • See the Big 5 by air or truck through the open plains of Masai Mara – for something extra special, book in a sunrise hot air balloon safari over the reserve
  • See unusual mammals from a 4WD in Shaba Reserve – only North of the Equator can you spot the gerenuk, Grevy’s zebra, Besia Oryx, reticulated giraffe and the Somali Ostrich
  • Relax in a Mombasa beach resort, surrounded by tranquility