Combining a remarkable history with twenty-first-century sophistication, Spain is a vibrant destination where culture and cuisine meet festivals and flamenco. Read more about our Spain holidays...

Country Highlights

There’s a reason ‘fiesta’ is one of the best-known words in the Spanish language. Food and wine are national obsessions in Spain, and with good reason. On our Spain tours, whether you’re choosing tapas in an earthy bar in Barcelona where everyone’s shouting or in glitzy San Sebastian splurging on dishes prepared by a celebrity chef in the refined surrounds of a Michelin-starred restaurant, you’re sure to have a meal you’ll never forget. The breadth of gastronomic experience that awaits you throughout Spain is breathtaking. Then of course there is cosmopolitan Madrid, fast becoming a European hub for more than just gastronomy.

From the snow-capped Pyrenees to the sun-baked plains of Andalucia, the wildly beautiful cliffs of the Atlantic northwest to the charming coves of the Mediterranean, everywhere you go in Spain offers a unique but awe-inspiring experience. See the amalgamation of eras and cultures in Toledo; walk ancient pilgrimage paths on the Camino de Santiago; get cultured at the Guggenheim museum of Bilbao in the Basque Country; enjoy the beaches of Northern Spain; and explore the city of arts and sciences, Valencia.

On our of our Spain package holidays enjoy villages of timeless beauty perch on hilltops, that huddle in valleys or cling to coastal outcrops as tiny but resilient outposts of Old Spain. Hop over the border through the beautiful Douro valley to Portugal. Poignantly windswept Roman ruins, cathedrals of rare power and incomparable jewels of Islamic architecture speak of a country where the great civilisations of history have risen, fallen and left behind their indelible mark.

More recently the country has produced rebellious and relentlessly creative spirits, including Salvador Dalí, Pablo Picasso and Antoni Gaudí. Their genius creations are part and parcel of public life here. Grand monuments to the past coexist alongside architectural creations of such daring that it becomes clear that Spain’s future will be every bit as original as its past.


  • Sit back, relax and watch the landscape pass by on a scenic train tour of Spain’s most beautiful cities.
  • After a long day sightseeing, have a drink at Alaire, a terrace-bar located in front of Casa Milà.
  • See a sparkling example of contemporary architecture, the Guggenheim Museum, in Bilbao.
  • Walk the same trail pilgrims have for thousands of years on the Camino de Santiago in the country’s north.
  • Relax and take in turquoise waters, sandy beaches and hidden coves on an island hopping tour of the Balearics
  • Check out the wine and cava bars in Barcelona – buy yourself a glass (or 2!) of wine and a lot of places will give you food to accompany it for free.