Peru is blessed with a rich ancient past and a vibrant present, making it one of Latin America's most popular travel destinations. Read more...

Ancient wonders and incredible biodiversity – it’s a heady mix, and a Peru holiday offers both and more. Remnants of bygone civilisations – from mysterious ancient drawings fanning across deserts to archaeological ruins that were once entire cities – are scattered across a rugged landscape awash with stunning rainforests, luminescent lakes and dramatic peaks. In between, picturesque villages dot the countryside and thriving cities promise exotic tastes, cultural experiences and explosions of colour. Peruvians will welcome you with open arms, and make you feel right at home on your Peru Tour – so much so, you might never want to leave!

Peru nurtures and preserves a heritage that will fascinate visitors. Experience nature’s own, from epic volcanoes and rocky canyons, to deep lush rainforest and an array of wildlife in the Amazon. Visit the incandescent waters of Lake Titicaca, believed to be the birthplace of the Incas. Marvel at the Spanish colonial architecture in Cusco, the gateway into Sacred Valley where vibrant villages line the trails leading to ancient world of Machu Picchu. Home of the ancient Incas, each trip to Machu Picchu is truly unique. Our tours come in all shapes and sizes from private tours to group journeys, and from multi-day treks to rail travel to luxury homestays.

Ignite your tastebuds with a plate of ceviche, a delicious seafood dish, in the coastal capital city of Lima. Lima city tours offer more than simply sightseeing and museum visits, with locals sharing their insider knowledge of the amazing experiences on offer.

Travel Peru –  adventure awaits.


  • Take the Vistadome train to the lost city of Machu Picchu for an Inca Tour, surrounded by breathtaking mountain scenery.
  • Explore the Amazon and discover its captivating wildlife on a luxury cruise.
  • Fly over the desert and glimpse the huge drawings etched into the ground that make up the Nazca Lines.
  • Spot condors at a sanctuary with incredible views over the Colca Canyon.
  • Visit the floating islands, made from reeds, on Lake Titicaca.

How to get to Machu Picchu

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