African Safari Tours

A safari in Africa is a truly unique experience, with everyone's experience being different. It's hard to plan exactly what animals you will see, what the weather will be and how many potholes you'll find yourself bouncing over, but one thing you can decide on is the type of safari you'd like to go on.

Whether you're an individual, couple or family, we have the safari for you. Our on ground team are experts in their field and employ local guides who know the ground well to tour you through the many national parks, ensuring that no matter what type of safari you choose, you will see animals.

Are you feeling ready yet? Continue reading to see our different types of safari on offer. If you have any special requests of the type of safari you would like, you can always talk to our specialist team about tailor-making an itinerary to your interests.


We offer a number of seat-in-vehicle small group safaris. Travellers come from different countries and backgrounds and travel together for both the experience of seeing Africa and also the opportunity to meet others and share their interests and experiences. These safaris offer excellent value for money and are an excellent option for single travellers as well as couples.


A private safari offers the highest degree of flexibility and can be very much adapted to suit you. All services including game drives can be done in your own private vehicle. In some cases you may choose to have private vehicle or flight between game lodges and once at a lodge join others staying at the lodge on game drives using the lodge’s vehicles.


Safaris by road are almost always in private vehicles. For trips other than seat-in-vehicle, this means you get the exclusive use of the vehicle on safari and the driver-guide is with you throughout the part of the trip in that particular country.


These safaris use small planes to travel between places. This is a great option to maximise your time, avoid long road trips and enjoy viewing the landscape from a unique perspective. Generally, transfers and game activities are provided by each camp or lodge in shared vehicles. The aircraft used are usually 12 or 13 seat aeroplanes such as a Cessna Grand Caravan. Luggage allowances on these flights are generally limited to a maximum of 15 kilograms in soft sided bags.


These programmes have a combination of driving and flying  and may spend part or all of the time in private vehicles. The  flight is usually a time saving measure at the beginning or end of  the adventure to avoid retracing ground that has already been  driven over. However, sometimes part of the trip is by road in our vehicle and then another part is by air, then using the lodge or camp’s vehicle.


One of the most magical experiences in the world is drifting over the African savannah in a hot air balloon. With dawn breaking and the night time mist evaporating, it is a great way to appreciate the vast expanse of the African bush and spot herds of antelope and perhaps even family groups of elephants starting their day. It is truly unforgettable. On each of our Africa itineraries, the days were it is possible to take a balloon flight are noted. Space on balloon flights is limited and we always recommend booking your flight well in advance.