Greek Islands

Is there anything more romantic than a Greek island? Olive groves, wizened grape vines, secluded coves and innumerable archaeological wonders abound throughout the archipelago. Of the 6000 Greek islands and islets speckling the Aegean and Ionian seas, fewer than 230 are inhabited, and each of these treasures offers travellers a taste of its own Mediterranean way of life. Spend your days swimming in crystal clear water, snorkelling and sailing, or simply lounging on a beach. With 16,000 kilometres of coastline between them, it is no surprise even the smallest tavernas serve up spectacular seafood. Imagine sipping a glass of assyrtiko, a white wine made with grapes cultivated in the ashy soil of Santorini, while getting your hands deliciously messy as you tackle a bounty of crab. While in Santorini, wander past white terraced houses as the sky flushes pink at sunset or sink your toes into colourful sand at the Red Beach. Order a juicy lamb souvlaki in the bustling capital of Mykonos, cycle to Naxos's beautiful beaches and explore the archaeological sites splashed all over Rhodes. With thousands of years of history to unravel, one trip to the Greek Islands will be far from enough.