Other Greek Islands

Cruise through pristine water and discover the charm of Greece’s many beautiful isles. With divine beaches and delicious gastronomy, your daily dilemma will be deciding whether you want to sip Ouzo by a port or dive into the sapphire water of the Aegean…again. Each island brims with unique personality, while guaranteeing friendly locals, picturesque villages and, of course, outstanding views. Larger islands, like Crete, are diverse, with exciting entertainment to keep you occupied when you’re not exploring pastel-coloured towns or archaeological sites with relics from the Minoan civilisation. Other islands, like Amorgos, are perfect if you’re keen for adventure, with rocky terrain for hikers and ideal spots for diving. Find seductive beaches on Syros and Skiathos, while islands like Kefalonia, Corfu, Skopelos and Folegandros provide heavenly scenery for nature lovers. Those wanting to delve into Greece’s ancient past will find sanctuary on Rhodes, Kos and Samos – the perfect playgrounds for history fanatics. With over 200 inhabited islands at your disposal, the hardest part of your trip will be choosing where to go.